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Get Out of The Box With Greeting Cards – Creative Marketing Ideas to Be Remembered

Looking for an out of the box way to build loyalty and stand out as a brand? If your traditional marketing efforts have gotten a bit stale, maybe it’s time to get a little weird. (Weird is memorable, right?) Here are a few creative marketing ideas to get you started.

Surprise your clients with a custom greeting card

Delight your customers with an unexpected delivery via snail mail. Be sure to handwrite a message inside and include a special offer to show them how much you value the relationship you’ve built. Address the mailing envelope by hand, and use a real stamp, too. You want the card to stand out and be received as a genuinely thoughtful and personal gesture — not just another marketing flyer. Present the card as a special reward, exclusive invitation, or a thank you gift.

Pick an unconventional holiday to celebrate

Don’t limit yourself to birthdays… instead, pick a creative occasion that aligns with your brand initiatives. Think of what your customers might find funny or important. Perhaps  Tell an Old Joke Day or Guinea Pig Appreciation Day might strike a chord?

Browse for a plethora of wacky, funny, and weird holidays. You’re sure to find something that will elicit a laugh from your customer base.

Instead of running another 4th of July sale like every other brand, encourage your clients to let loose for Disobedience Day on July 3rd, or  Pandemonium Day on July 14th. Work your products or services into the fun. Send out custom printed card invites asking customers to stop in and show their rebellious side for a special treat or discount. Expand the campaign online and encourage patrons to upload a photo on social media with a special hashtag like #MyPandemoniumDay for a chance to win a larger prize.

Support a cause that matters to your customers

Have an eco-conscious client base? Reward customers who celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day at your store when they bring in their own reusable bag to shop with.

Everyone loves free treats

If you’re looking for something more refined, Wine and Cheese Day is celebrated July 25th each year. Host a customer appreciation event with complimentary wine and cheese happy hour! Our custom 5×7 flat printed cards make perfect invitations – and our standard white mailing envelopes are included!

If your target audience is under 21, the above idea can work just as well for Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2nd.

Spread positivity!

Instead of another boring holiday campaign, rally your audience to help spread the cheer and positivity during the stressful holiday season with Look on the Bright Side Day on December 21st. Start a new tradition of goodwill and positivity! Studies show that a positive mindset is linked to a longer life and improves overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Have other creative marketing ideas or wacky little-known holidays that would work well for a memorable promo campaign? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave us a comment below, or tell us about it on Facebook!




  1. Thinking out of the box, Make everyone remember you. Great post.

    • kelseyr kelseyr

      Thanks, Tim! We’d love to hear your out of the box promo ideas, too!

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