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5 Ways to Delight Customers and Stand Out with Custom Thanksgiving Cards

Custom Thanksgiving cards are a unique and thoughtful way to stand out around the holidays. This inexpensive promo can be a great way to show appreciation for your customers while offering an incentive just ahead of the holiday season. Beat the barrage of Christmas mailers and emails! Here are 5 reasons to consider sending Thanksgiving cards this year, and some ideas to use them to grow your business.

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  1. Do something different. Sending a greeting card at Thanksgiving isn’t something every company does. Sending a card outside of the Christmas holiday season makes your business stand out. Differentiate yourself and your brand by being unique. Don’t forget to hand-sign the card!
  2. Express gratitude for your customers. This is the perfect time to send a sincere thank you message to those who’ve kept you in business. Share a personal message about your company milestones and be genuine in thanking your customers for helping you get there.  Offer a coupon or free gift to thank them for their loyalty– that act of being thankful and recognizing your customers builds goodwill, and reinforces your brand in a genuine way.
  3. Beat the holiday mail rush. Your message has a better chance of being delivered on time, and being noticed around Thanksgiving. You’ll be in front of your customers in a tangible way just as they’re gearing up for holiday shopping.
  4. Offer an early holiday shopping special. Customers who are in shopping mode (and they most likely will be, on Black Friday!) are always delighted and excited about special offers. Offer a (good) coupon code for an online special in your card, such as 50% off a regular priced item. You want the incentive to be strong so it truly feels like a gift, rather than a weak marketing attempt. For retail businesses, print off a physical coupon for customers to redeem on their next visit. Include an expiration date to create a sense of urgency about the offer. This will help increase traffic to your business and help boost holiday revenue.
  5. Plan a gratitude campaign. The world could use more positivity. Get your customers involved in sharing what they’re thankful for as part of a contest for a larger drawing or giveaway. Use the Thanksgiving card to announce the contest and invite customers to submit a story or entry online – tying into your website and social media for even more exposure.

Bonus: We have low minimums – you can order as few as 50 custom Thanksgiving cards, starting at just $1.74/ card. Mailing envelopes are included, too!

View all of our holiday cards online here! Have you tried sending custom Thanksgiving cards to your customers in the past? What worked well for you? We’d love to hear about it – drop us a comment below, or share your story with us on Facebook here.

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