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8 Ways Promotional Calendars Help Grow Your Business

It’s Calendar Season! At Warwick, we’re calendar experts – and we’d love to show you how calendars will help you grow your business. We’re taking orders for 2018 calendars (early order savings end June 1st, 2017!) Here are 8 reasons to use custom calendars to promote your brand and build your business all year long.

  1. Easy distribution. Many Warwick calendars are perfect for mailing out to your customers and business contacts. Foil stamped or printed, we have just the calendar for your promotional needs. Our Premier Desk CalendarsTrifold Calendars, and Wave Calendars all come with mailing envelopes, free of charge! Click here for more ideas on how to hand out calendars. 
  2. A useful gift.  A calendar isn’t perceived as blatant advertising. It’s a meaningful gift and is used as an important daily reference – giving it meaning and purpose for your customers. It’s a cost-effective way to provide a little extra value.
  3. Year-long advertising. Because a calendar lasts all year, so does the message. For 365 days,  your calendar is a continual reminder of your business name, your products, and services.
  4. Brand awareness & familiarity. Because calendars provide continuous brand exposure, they create familiarity and build trust with your brand. People like to do business with companies they know, over those they’ve never heard of.
  5. Great ROI. You pay just pennies a day for year-long branding. Where else can you find that kind of ROI for a 365-day ad campaign?
  6.  Calendars are popular! According to the 2016  ASI Impression Study, 29% of US Consumers own promotional calendars. Furthermore,  76% of those who own calendars say that they display them prominent locations in their home or business – which means more exposure for your brand.
  7.  Appeal to an older demographic. Consumers who are middle-aged and older are more likely to own promotional calendars. If your target demographic is between 45 and 55+, calendars will be a well-received promotion.
  8. Build referrals and endorsement. When customers and business partners have your calendars on display, others will see your logo, too. This helps build up your brand’s reputation and acts as a referral source. Personal recommendations are most trusted by consumers when they’re looking for services like yours. Calendars help drive referrals!

BONUS: Calendars are an order that will repeat every year! Our distributors will enjoy the benefits of selling calendars over and over again each year.

We hope you’ll consider pitching Warwick Promotional Calendars to your clients this year! Any time of year, they’re a great promotion that adds lasting value for your clients and their businesses. Have another idea on the benefits of promotional calendars? We’d love to hear it! Please comment below, or tell us on Facebook. 


  1. Yes I like promotional calendars it’s very effective .You can show your logo , Telephone & address of Business.

    • kelseyr kelseyr

      Absolutely! You can even use them to promote a special event, a sale, or a special cause. Thanks for reading, Merly!

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